The true nature of yogurt!

There is a growing number of claims and statements on the labels of food products. Especially on yogurt packaging: all natural , made from natural ingredients , no preservatives … What does that mean? Are these real arguments on which to base your choice of product? How do you know?

To find out if the statements on the yogurt cups are reliable and real, simply read the ingredient list. Thus, a plain yogurt that claims to be “natural” should only contain two ingredients: milk and lactic acid bacteria.

As soon as a flavor is added, the list of ingredients grows and therefore becomes more complicated. You have to be a little more savvy to understand.

As a rule, the list of ingredients of a flavored yogurt includes, in addition to the basic ingredients, a natural or artificial flavor and sugar. These flavors are usually incorporated into milk as concentrated extracts which often have a rather bitter taste that the manufacturer will want to round off and sweeten with the addition of sugar.

In the case of fruit yogurt, the list can seriously go on.

Two types of ingredients then appear in the list: an acidifier (lemon juice, citric acid …) and a gelling agent (pectin, gum …). Their role is to preserve the integrity of the fruit preparation, including the smooth and uniform texture of the fruit preparation in yogurt. 

The technique

Traditional yogurts are produced using a very simple but very delicate natural process: the fresh milk turns into a tender gel under the action of the ferments that have been added to it.

This is how Damafro Firm Yogurts are produced. As simple as that.

This process, however, leaves no room for error: it is impossible to correct, to compensate for the natural transformation of the milk in the pot when it is initiated, because it only takes place the absence of human intervention.

This is why this process requires so much finger, know-how and the perfect mastery of two parameters, temperature and time, a bit like the secrets of the best recipes.

At the end of the day, you will appreciate the distinctive texture and delicate taste of traditional Damafro yogurt. Perhaps this type of yogurt will prove to be a new experience for you, as most manufacturers have opted for stirred or frozen yogurts. So there are very few truly natural firm yogurts like Damafro yogurts.


Firm yogurt is an ingredient of choice for quickly making very fresh and light glass desserts. The principle is simple: place in the bottom of a small pot a crispy mixture, for example nuts, or a broken cookie. Add a little firm yogurt with vanilla or coffee on top, then a layer of fruit (strawberries, apples …). Finish with a layer of firm yogurt and sprinkle with dark chocolate or pour a little maple syrup.